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Pioneer UDP-LX500

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Enjoy the full potential of 4K Content

With 4K video, there’s a huge increase in the amount of image information which, in turn, also requires the use of ever more effective noise reduction techniques. The UDP-LX500 achieves further video quality improvements by applying a low noise design ethos throughout the player, minimizing noise loops in the circuitry to guarantee high-quality signal transmission.

Designed to faithfully reproduce the incredible sound quality of UHD BD

To deliver the full potential of the sound quality contained in UHD Blu-ray Discs, the UDP-LX500 employs audio boards designed with a focus on preserving signal purity, S/N, and tonal subtlety. It also features a host of advanced sound enhancing facilities, such as a direct function for analogue connection and Pioneer’s PQLS (Precision Quartz Lock System) for HDMI connection.

An audio board that also excels at high-quality analogue 2ch playback

As well as delivering superlative movie sound, the UDP-LX500 has also been engineered to be a superb audio-only player. With analogue 2ch playback, spurious noise around the power supply and GND have been suppressed as much as possible, and the circuit tuned to give a rich, fulsome tone of sound.

Direct Function for Pure Analogue Audio Output

The UDP-LX500 is equipped with a "Direct function" which turns off the digital audio and video circuits. This allows listeners to enjoy high resolution sound sources and CDs with enhanced purity.

Video and Audio separated output via 2 HDMI Outputs

The UDP-LX500 supports three HDMI output modes: "Separate" mode which enables high-quality transmission by separating video and audio via the main/sub HDMI outputs, "Single" mode routes both video and audio output via the main HDMI output, and "Pure Audio" mode which delivers an audio-only output from the sub HDMI terminal.

Jitter-free Sound Transmission with Pioneer AV receivers

The UDP-LX500 achieves incredibly high-purity, jitter-free transmission when connected (via HDMI) with an PQLS-equipped AV receiver*. By improving the precision of signal information, the player delivers a very high standard of multi-channel sound quality.(*SC-LX701, SC-LX801, SC-LX901)

Zero Signal Terminal for audio/video tuning

The Zero Signal Terminal is an original Pioneer-developed feature that is designed to optimise audio and video quality. By connecting the Zero Signal Terminal to a suitable audio/video input terminal on an AV receiver etc., the reference ground level (GND) of audio/video signals between the two devices is matched and aligned, with any potential differences suppressed, allowing owners to enjoy audio and video with an even further improved S/N and performance level.

Other features
SDR/HDR Preset Mode for optimal performance for the display
Media/HDR Information On-Screen Display
Dolby Vision (Low Latency Compatible)
Self-Illuminating Remote Control

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